Friday, June 17, 2011


Supressed emotions and suspended feelings

Have buried deep down in your chamber;

Sleepless nights and unended questions took effect for so long.

You became cold and weary.

How long your facade face of amiable position?

Not until you digged and accepted the fact,

That your present is the product of your past.

You thought it was gone and have reoccured.

Your soul had mastered the right way,

but your heart did not forget ;

They have divided your inner core, what exactly your personality is?

For what still your society has something to do with your actions?

You have learned the ways of both sides

Of evils and angels but they do disguise!

Yourself could tell what have you missed;

contemplated and freed your mind from those memories.

Innocence when you were young

Actions rely to what you seen and feel from them,

It's gone and is irreversible.

Like ignorance you lost in an instant!

You have become knowledgeable

but yet are you wise like them?

To what now, you life is for?

Look at yourself and you will find the answer.

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