Friday, June 17, 2011


Like a bee sipping at the sweetness of a rosebud,

smelling her fragrance and made her bloom fully,

gazing at her floral character of delicate fragrance...

So it is how a man wins a woman's heart

and expose herself to him.

Like a falling crystal water from the top of the mountain

that gives energy and scenery to mankind,

And so as the intensity of the two lovers

pouring their affection with each other.


Like a bee that stung your hands when you try to catch him,

or the rose with thorns could prick you if you are not careful in handling her

So as how painful two lovers can hurt each other over a simple argument.

Like an eruting volcano that can't hold much heat from the earth's core

that could lead to disastrous floods and tsunamis,

So as the angry two lovers who had fought and had never resolved their personal issues.

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